Abdel Nader could help the C’s this season

Some guys are just in spots they shouldn’t be. Abdel Nader is one of those guys.

Nader was one of the Celtics second round draft picks (58th overall) in this past NBA Draft after a highly successful career at Iowa State. The Egyptian born player had an impressive camp, so much so that the Boston Globe penned a piece back in August wondering if he was too developed and too talented to play in the NBA Developmental League — like he is right now as a member of the Maine Red Claws. It looks like they might have been right.

Through six games, Nader, who is considered a versatile forward, has shown the league he can flat out play the game. Averaging 31.7 minutes per contest, the man has put up 24.3 points per game with 3.8 rebounds and 1.7 steals. For real though, he’s 6-foot-8, plays small forward and power forward and he can put points on the board. Lots and lots of points. Not to mention he’s still adjusting to the pros and 23 is kind of old for a D-League player, especially someone as developed as he is.

It’s also worth noting, CBS Boston was puzzled when Nader agreed to a deal that involved playing for the Red Claws. They assumed he’d do something overseas because of his talent. He turned down some pretty lucrative oversea offers to play in the D-League. Financially, it don’t make much sense to us.

Well, maybe, just maybe, there’s the chance the Celtics actually give him a shot in the NBA this season, as some sort of a role player or something. Certainly, he’s good depth to have. Why wouldn’t he have gone overseas to make bank if there wasn’t a reasonable shot he’d put on a C’s uni this year? Simple answer: he’s got to be on their radar. Just remember that name and there’s a good chance you’ll see it this year.



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