Aaron Hernandez could’ve had it all, chose the wrong path

Everything comes with an expiration date and the end is inevitable.

No matter what we do, we are all going to end up the same when it’s all said and done: either cremated in a jar, buried in the ground or frozen–if you’re Ted Williams and your kid is a fame-crazed nut who goes in and changes your will shortly before your death. The real question is more a matter of when it happens and how you will be remembered. Even for people of similar backgrounds though, it can be much different.

When everyone woke up Wednesday morning, former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez’ life was over. At 27 years old, he died. He hung himself in a prison cell. In 2010, however, he was the youngest player in the NFL and was building the best 1-2 tight end combo in the NFL alongside Rob Gronkowski. Now, Gronk is surely (arguably) the top TE in NFL history, and he’s pretty much US press secretary Sean Spicier’s assistant.

(Remember, Retweets ARE NOT endorsements I have no idea what this Brad dude stands for, but he takes a mean video. No clue who the hell he is, but I’m sure he’s got some political takes, which we’ll avoid like the plague.)

Just some quick background on Hernandez: he grew up in Bristol, Connecticut and had both his parents for most of his life. Pretty nice town, right? He enrolled in college early at the University of Florida, and made it into the NFL when he was 20. But that wasn’t enough, he wanted to also be a gangster. He wasn’t pressured into it, nor was he desperate for money. Not sure why he wanted to be a gangster, but he had money and played in the NFL, so of course they were gonna let him be an associate.

Not sure why he did it, but a life of crime threw away a very talented football player. The wasted talent isn’t the tragic part. Honestly, football doesn’t mean much when it comes to life. The real tragedy is four people dead (really don’t know if Hernandez pulled the trigger on all three since Alexander Bradley’s immunity screwed with the trials) and Hernandez going down the wrong trail in life.

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