7 places the Patriots should play next

The New England Patriots are taking North America by storm with a game south of the border (o un partido sur de los Estados Unidos, si usted habla Espanol). This should be great for the NFL. They want to expand globally and the best way to do this is to show people around the world what the game is like. That said, here’s a few other spots they should play in the future. And no, I won’t include London since it has been done before.


The site of the 2008 Olympics, Beijing has about 20 million people living in it. The country of China has over a billion people so even if they don’t make as much money as Americans, their state run cable could still work out a TV deal with the NFL.


Australia has Australian football, so why wouldn’t they like American football?


Two words: NFL Europe. They had a pretty successful franchise in Berlin, so they probably want to see some high level football again.


See above. Plus it would be a great event to legitimize Catalonia after its independence from Spain.


They’ve got Canadian football in Canada. The Buffalo Bills used to play in Toronto sometimes and drew a pretty good crowd, so a Pats-Bills game up there would work out great.


An English speaking country the US is on good terms with, Israel would probably have some interest here as well. After all, they have national team in the sport and Bob Kraft helped establish a popular men’s football league over there called the Israeli Football League. Plus, Bob Kraft owns a certain New England football team…


There’s a handful of college football teams in Japan–and baseball has really caught on over there. Maybe football can too?

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