7 Classic Boston Businesses That Have Stayed The Same Through The Years

7 Classic Boston Businesses That Have Stayed The Same Through The Years

In our ever-changing modern world, it's nice to know that some things stay the same. Whether it's a vintage diner or the classic candy shop where you spent your allowance as a kid, these 7 Boston spots have remained comfortingly unchanged for decades.

1. Union Oyster House

Going strong since 1826, the Union Oyster House is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the nation. Not only is the food some of the best in the city, you can enjoy it in a National Historic Landmark!


2. South Street Diner

Although it was once called the Blue Diner, this 1943 gem serves up the finest steak and eggs 24/7 in a location that has hardly changed. Located in Boston's Leather District, the South Street Diner has been a favorite among generations of Boston's stressed out students. 


3. Cabot's Candy

The original Cabot's Candy opened in Provincetown in 1927. While the Boston shop is far newer, it is packed with the same classic flavors like saltwater taffy, fudge, and nut brittle you used to enjoy on family trips to the Cape!


4. Coolidge Corner Theater

Movie buffs have been patronizing this vintage indie theatre since 1933. In addition to the latest hits and Oscar favorites, Coolidge Corner Theater features classic films, cult movies and film festivals.


5. Boston Bowl

Dorchester's Boston Bowl has been entertaining families for 50 years with candlepin or tenpin bowling, an arcade, billiards, and batting cages. Visit the adorably retro Slider Diner for a calorie-packed ice cream treat or burger.


6. Bromfield Pen Shop

As a writer, shops like Bromfield Pen Shop will always hold a special place in my heart. Established in 1948, Boston’s oldest pen store offers a fabulous selection as well as repair services.


7. Polcari's Coffee

Polcari’s Coffee Shop in Boston's North End opened its doors in 1932 and has stayed magically similar ever since! Coffee scales and glass jar-lined shelves spark nostalgia as you sip your award-winning coffee. Millenials - ask your grandparents, Polcari's reputation puts Dunkin's to shame!


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Featured Image via South Street Diner

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