7 Best Nightlife Places at Worcester, MA

Worcester is a city with a fun filled nightlife to match its ebullient daytime activities. Here are the top 7 places to be at Worcester, MA, when the sun goes down in this town.

  1. Nicks’s

This cozy neighborhood bar has an antique-artistic look complete with wooden paneling and a cute cabaret stage for live performances seven days a week. Nicks’s has a great selection of liquor along with food that makes the experience worthwhile.

  1. Vincent’s

Vincent’s has good food, drinks and people. They are best known for their scrumptious meatball sandwiches, which are a must for all who walk in. Their back patio surrounded by green is also the perfect summer hangout.

  1. The Ship Room

This is a fun dive bar with a history boasting Babe Ruth as a customer. With a giant collection of music, a pool table, cheap $1 drafts, up-beat decor & various shot specials this place is the epitome of a dive bar.

  1. Dive Bar

With the most intricate craft beer selection Dive Bar is loaded with some of the most fantastic beers that do a constant rotation. It has a relaxed atmosphere where one can lounge around the giant patio, dance around to the eclectic music and drink the night away.

  1. Beatnik’s

The cool retro vibe that one gets from this bar is undeniably alluring. Beatnik’s gives you the complete bar experience with music, live shows, art, theme nights and more. Some of its other perks are good food, spacious parking and accommodating services.

  1. Lucky Dog Music Hall

As the city’s most prominent rock club, this bar has the crowd, the music and the atmosphere. It is a venue for great live, local, and even classic music along with a large stage and dance floor. The bar does a good job of supporting local musicians, and brings forth varied musical acts.

  1. Electric Haze

Electric Haze is most well known for the eclectic live music that is performed in its spacious bar. Its décor is uber-chic with impressive art and lights, and the bar has a range of affordable hookahs. Their comfortable seating arrangements and dance floor are designed to cater to your different moods.

So if you’re in Wooster or visiting soon, make sure you enjoy the city by the night!

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