5 Unique Road Trips You Can Embark On From Boston

5 Unique Road Trips You Can Embark On From Boston

There are so many tourist-worthy spots across New England, but what about the lesser-known locales? Just because they don't have their own pamphlet in every hotel, doesn't mean these unique attractions aren't worth a visit. As an added bonus, each is just a short day trip from Boston! 

1. Singing Beach

Distance From Boston: 29.5 miles

 It isn't physical beauty that makes Singing Beach in Manchester-By-The-Sea, Massachusetts special. Rather, it is the lovely music created by your footfalls on the sand. The friction creates a unique, ringing tune! At less than 30 miles from Boston, the phenomenon of Singing Beach is something every local must experience!


2. Sculptured Rocks

Distance From Boston: 115 miles

The Sculptured Rocks Natural Area in Groton, New Hampshire is a beautiful natural wonder. Created by millions of grains of sand trapped in the rushing waters of the Cockermouth River, the narrow cavern located behind Newfound Lake was carved out over thousands of years of erosion. The walls were sculpted into smooth, wavy shapes and deeply furrowed potholes. The drive is a bit over an hour, but totally worth it for a day of exploring the falls and walking trails.


3. Enchanted Forest Abandoned Amusement Park

Distance From Boston: 86.2 miles

If you like your road trips on the spooky side, this Ocean State spot is the perfect destination! Once a colorful, child-filled amusement park, the Enchanted Forest of Rhode Island is now abandoned, overgrown and covered in graffiti.


4. Spectacle Island Sea Glass Beaches

Distance From Boston: 11.5 miles

Who doesn't love strolling along the shore searching for flecks of treasure in the sand? The Spectacle Island Sea Glass Beach in Quincy is loaded with smooth, colorful glass and bits of pottery that escaped the landfill before it was capped off and filled in in the 1980s. Unfortunately, you cannot keep your finds - the beach is part of the National Park system.


5. Bash Bish Falls

Distance From Boston: 151 miles

Yet another of New England's natural wonders, Bash Bish Falls in the Taconic Mountains is a must-see. The falls gush 80 feet from the summit to the creek below. Visit in the summer to cool off in the fresh, clear water - but be careful! The area is notoriously slippery and may be under an ancient Native American curse!

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