5 Things you should know about the Witch House, Salem

Welcome to the world of witchcraft and wizardry: the Salem Witch house. Located in Salem, Massachusetts, this is a unique attraction. Here are 5 things you should know about the witch house, Salem: a place of wonder and mystery.

  1. The witch house originally belonged to Jonathan Corwin. He worked for the Court of Oyer and Terminer and served as judge after allegations of witchcraft surfaced in and around Salem.
  2. This house was built around 1620 to1630 with English style architecture. The architecture of this house resembles another historic house in England, The Whitehall building in Sutton.
  3. Constructed almost 400 years ago, this is the only remaining structure with direct links to the Witch trials of 1962 where all 19 of the accused ‘witches’ were hanged even though they maintained their innocence.

Salem Witch House

  1. The house has shifted 35 feet from its former location and was completely restored to resemble how it would look like in the 17th century when it was originally made. The house is now a museum operated by the City of Salem, and is open seasonally, usually March to November.
  2. The house is now open for public house tours. Numerous visitors come here with a vague idea about the Witch trials with an eagerness to know more. Coupled with modern brain-mapping technology and old records, the house tours will gives visitors a proper insight of the 1962 witch trials.

The Witch house at Salem pays homage to the infamous witch trials of 1962. Thousands of visitors visit each year with numerous questions surrounding this historical event. Visit soon and explore the witch house!




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