5 Fairy Tale Castles Right Here In New England

5 Fairy Tale Castles Right Here In New England

You don't have to travel abroad to live out your fairy tale fantasies! There are several beautiful castles right here in New England that rival some of Europe's most enchanting structures.

1. Gillette Castle, East Haddam, CT

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Legendary stage actor William Hooker Gillette is best remembered for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes - and his unique fieldstone castle overlooking the Connecticut River. The exterior resembles a medeival fortress and the indoor furnishings are an attraction on their own. A visit to Gillette Castle also provides vistors access to the 184 acre surrounding park, complete with walking trails and spectacular views.


2. Hammond Castle, Gloucester, MA

Inventor John Hays Hammond Jr.'s medieval-style fortress was built in 1929 to serve as his residence and house his private collection of artifacts from ancient Rome through the Renaissance. It even has authentic drawbridges and a balcony overlooking the Atlantic! Visit in July during the Renaissance Faire for a trip back in time, or walk the spooky grounds during the Halloween extravaganza.


3. Winnekenni Castle, Haverhill, MA

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This castle served as the laboratory of "mad" scientist, Dr. James R. Nichols, a brilliant chemist and agriculturist. Okay, he wasn't "mad," but he was a scientist and used the land surrounding Winnekenni Castle to conduct experiments with chemical fertilizers! The castle was constructed from boulders and rocks in 1875, and overlooks lovely Kenzoa Lake. In fact, the name Winnekenni is Algonquin for “very beautiful.”


4. Castle Tucker, Wiscasset, ME


Built in 1807, this Regency-style brick mansion was inhabited by prominent shipping family, the Tuckers from 1858 until the end of the twentieth century. While it is not a traditional castle in the sense of those shown above, it sits on a hill overlooking the Sheepscot River and is surrounded by beautiful gardens, originally planted by Jane Standen Tucker. During your visit, be sure to climb all the way to the upper piazza to experience expansive views of the town of Wiscasset.


5. The West Paris Public Library, West Paris, ME

Even though the West Paris Public Library does not technically qualify as an authentic castle, it is still my favorite on the list! Built with money bequeathed by longtime resident, Lewis M. Mann and matched by his son, the library was presented to the town of West Paris in 1926. What could be better than reading a classic fairy tale inside a replica castle?!


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