4th of July Essentials

The 4th of July is right around the corner! Do you have everything you need to look like a true American? Here’s what we’re wearing:

1. USA Tailgate Tee


Show your USA pride, and open everyone’s beer! You’ll be he hero of the cookout.


2. Patriotic Bottle Opener Sunglasses


There’s a theme here, are you catching on yet? These guys are a triple threat… they look great, keep your eyes shielded from the sun and open your beers.

3. Cape America Tee


Headed down the Cape for the 4th? Don’t go without this tee. Don’t feel like sitting in traffic for 486 hours? You can still wear this tee. Did we mention they’re on sale?
More states available!

4. Cape Cod USA White Wash Trucker Hat


Cape Cod and Bottle Openers. That’s the theme this year. Grab this brand new summer Cape Cod hat to finish off your ensemble.


We have tons more USA gear in stock and ready to ship to you in time for the 4th! Check out the full collection



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