3 things to do at Castle Island

On the shore of Boston Harbor in South Boston, there is a beautiful and must-visit site called Castle Island. Along with historic importance, the site has ample space and things to enjoy. With an area that spans 22 acres, there’s a lot you can do there. Here is a list of 3 things to do at Castle Island, while you make your visit there:

Visiting the fort– Fort Independence holds significant importance as it is the fort that supported Boston with harbor defenses. Consequently, Castle Island has been added to the National Register of Historic Places. Not only does it hold historic significances, it is also and absolute visual delight. Take a guided tour of about 1.5 hours to the fort- it is open every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 3:30 pm. June, July, and August are the best months to visit the fort as it is open after 7 pm.

Eating at Sullivan’s restaurant– You can always plan a barbeque at Castle Island, or you could grab some scrumptious seafood from the Sullivan’s restaurant. The place is known for its mouthwatering lobster rolls at not-so-high prices. Most people who eat at Sullivan’s keep complimenting their burgers, hotdogs and fries, and of course…the lobster rolls!

Pier fishing– Fishing is allowed on the far side of the fort where piers are built. If you’re at Castle Island and going exploring with some friends or family, fishing is definitely among the things to do there! Visitors will vouch that this is a fun activity and a good reason to make a trip to Castle Island.

Besides visiting Fort Independence, eating at the Sullivan’s and fishing, you can always have a little picnic with some friends, do a barbeque, or watch boats and planes, jog around the park or go for a swim. No matter what you end up doing there Castle Island is definitely a must-visit!

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