3 Scenic Massachusetts Day Hikes Where You Can Avoid The Coronavirus

3 Scenic Massachusetts Day Hikes Where You Can Avoid The Coronavirus

If you have been listening to the experts, avoiding COVID-19 may have you feeling a little stir crazy. When you simply must head out into the world, the safest places to visit are Massachusetts' wide open spaces. So take a hike and check out one of these three beautiful, unique hiking trails!

Halibut Point Trail

Located in Rockport’s Halibut Point State Park, this 1.6-mile trail is considered an easy hike so it is safe and doable for the whole family. Follow Halibut Point Trail through the woods and around a 60-foot, water-filled quarry that flows out to the ocean. 

Enjoy the sound of crashing waves, the views of the Isles of Soals off the coast of New Hampshire, and the tidal pools teeming with hermit crabs and sea stars.

2. Blue Hills Skyline Loop

This  trail is a bit longer and more challenging for experienced hikers. The 3-mile loop begins at Reservation Headquarters and climbs to several scenic summits within the Blue Hills range. It eventually culminates in the park’s tallest peak with amazing views of the Boston skyline.

Expect to see lots of wildlife and the Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory along the route.

Purgatory Chasm

This trail got its daunting name from its steep granite walls that rise up to 70 feet in some places. Located in the Central Massachusetts town of Sutton, this area features hidden caves and rock formations to explore including The Corn Crib, The Coffin and Lovers’ Leap.

Hike the mile-long Chasm Loop Trail and check out the main attraction: the quarter mile chasm.

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