20 Things Kids Who Grew Up In Rhode Island Can Relate To

Rhode Island may be small (and not really an island at all), but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in attitude. The Ocean state is an idyllic place to spend your childhood. If you called RI home when you were a kid, see if you can relate to these 20 statements.

  1. You take your life in your hands when you drive in Providence
  2. The Farrelly brothers are your heroes
  3. You’ve ridden the Block Island Ferry – while humming the song
  4. Your town has at least one farm stand that operates on the honors system
  5. You can name all 36 islands that make up Rhode Island…which isn’t really an island
  6. You think the Polar Bear Club is a joke – they should try RI water in summer!
  7. It’s just not summer without Del’s Frozen Lemonade
  8. You drink iced coffee and coffee milk year round
  9. You put “gravy” on your pasta instead of sauce
  10. You think The Prince of Providence, Buddy Cianci should be president
  11. Who needs Thomas Jefferson when you’ve got Roger Williams?
  12. You’ve been to Providence to see WaterFire
  13. You probably know at least one Civil War reenactor
  14. Maryland can keep their crab cakes, you’ll have a clam cake, thank you!
  15. Ketchup on hot dogs is a state felony
  16. The Big Blue Bug is your Statue of Liberty
  17. H.P. Lovecraft is to Rhode Island what Stephen King is to Maine
  18. You can get to any point in RI in under an hour
  19. You can’t get away with anything because everyone knows your parents
  20. You can’t wait to take your kids on the Crescent Park Carousel
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