20 Things Kids Who Grew Up In Connecticut Can Relate To

Connecticut is home to some of the country’s most beautiful beachfront mansions – because of this, kids from CT carry the stigma that they are “preppy” or “snobby”. Children of the Constitution State have come to accept this stereotype, and here are 20 more facts they can relate to.

  1. You own at least one article of UConn clothing
  2. You respect anyone sporting a retro Whalers hat or jersey
  3. Your high school (and college) keggers were held in fields in the middle of the woods
  4. Everyone assumes you’re rich
  5. But you know there are some really seedy spots in your state
  6. You despise New York drivers (even more than the rest of the world)
  7. You went to Mystic Seaport on a field trip
  8. And/or the Mashantucket Pequot Museum
  9. Apple picking is like grocery shopping to you
  10. Your state will forever be known as the place that gave us Lyme disease
  11. Half of your friends root for the Pats, the other half root for the Giants
  12. And the same goes for the Red Sox and the Yankees
  13. You secretly hate being called “Nutmeggers”
  14. You can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing to live this close to NYC
  15. You invented the Preppy trend – thanks a lot
  16. You saw your first concert at The Meadows
  17. You know deer are as good as dead on I-84
  18. You think New Haven has the best pizza, not New York
  19. Gilmore Girls is your guilty pleasure
  20. You loved Quassy and Lake Compounce but really wanted to go to Six Flags
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