Red Sox Win!! 2 down 2 to go

Red Sox Win!! 2 down 2 to go

The Red Sox won game 2 of the World Series and they did it pretty convincingly. While yes that game wasn't necessarily a blow out I didn't think that we were going to lose at any point.

On the back of David Price we took one step closer to winning the coveted World Series title. Coming from someone who has had 0 confidence in Price for most of the year I was surprisingly confident going into last night and he did not disappoint. Over the last two starts he has begun to gain my confidence back. Although he has not recorded a win in either of the starts, they have not put us in a bad position like he has been known to do in the postseason 

Now we have to travel across the country to a city that doesn't even care about sports to go and rip the world series trophy out of their hands. This hurts especially bad for the Dodgers as they are heading towards their second World Series loss in two years. To fight all the way through a 162 game season then all the way through the playoffs just too lose two years in a row in TOUGH to say the least. 

We have Rick Porcello going on the mound tomorrow night who has arguably been one of our best pitchers. Hes going up against the Dodgers rookie Walked Buehler. While Buehler may be a rookie the Dodgers have all of the faith in him. He pitched game 163 for the Dodgers which won them the division. He also pitched game 7 of the NLCS which won them the pennant. So if anyone on the dodgers is ready for the pressure it is probably the rookie Buehler. 

First pitch for game 3 is at 8:09PM tomorrow and then they play again on Saturday so hopefully by the end of the weekend we will be WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!! GO SOX!!

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