10 Perks Of A New England Winter

10 Perks Of A New England Winter

A New England winter definitely brings its share of inconveniences. Nobody likes shoveling snow, and black ice can certainly put a damper on your day, but there are also several advantages to living there this time of year - free parking anyone??

1. Extra Refrigerator Space

 When the temperatures plummet you can safely visit your local big box store and clean up on bulk quantities of bargain soda, beer and frozen foods. Save your refrigerator for the eggs and milk and use the snow drifts on your back porch to keep your new frozen pizzas chilled!


2. Free Parking

 Street parking is a nightmare in Boston and Providence during spring and summer - and good luck finding anything free! When winter rolls around, the cities become much easier to navigate, including much better parking options!


3. Tranquil Beaches

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 Some people love the blazing heat and screaming children that come along with a New England beach day in summer. If you prefer quiet and tranquility, you will love a brisk stroll on one of our many relaxingly deserted stretches of seacoast.


4. Cozy Coffee Shops

 We all know that New Englanders love their Dunkin's, but there is just something extra special about relaxing with a hot beverage as the snow drifts down outside.


5. It's Patriots Season

 Winter may be dark and chilly, but on the upside, it's football season and New England's got a winning team! Grab your tickets for a chilly, but exciting visit to Gillette Stadium or watch the games from the warmth and comfort of your own home.


6. Best Skiing In The World

 OK, so there are a few states out west that may argue with this statement, but "Best" is a matter of opinion anyway. The great thing about New England is that no matter where you live, a fabulous ski resort is never far out of reach.


7. Photo Ops

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 New England is beautiful all year round, but a layer of pristine white snow and twinkling ice adds an extra touch of wonder. So break out your camera and snap a few landscape or wildlife photos!


8. Getting "Snowed In" With A Book & A Cup Of Tea

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 Hawaiian residents may not have to battle subzero temperatures, but they also never get a snow day! A hot cup of tea and a good book are so much more enjoyable when indulged on an extra day off from school or work!


9. Tons Of Indoor Attractions

 Sure, it's harder to enjoy the scenic beauty of New England in the winter. Luckily, going outdoors isn't required for a wonderful day. The entire area is packed with fabulous indoor attractions including some of the finest museums, theaters, restaurants and historical venues in the world! 


10. Off Season Accommodation Specials

Winter is the best time to take advantage of one of New England's world renowned hotels, inns, bed & breakfasts or resorts. Without the influx of tourists, many of the finest establishments slash their prices or offer exciting accommodation packages to draw visitors.


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